Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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FAQs on Clear IRP

I have an account on Clear e-Invoicing. Can I use Clear IRP with the same account?

No. You will have to create a new account on Clear IRP. Both Clear IRP and the Clear e-Invoicing solution will continue to co-exist as independent products of Clear. So, an account created on Clear e-Invoicing cannot be used on Clear IRP.

Who must create API credentials on the e-invoice registration portal?

API credentials are required for users who want to directly integrate with the IRP or set it up in the ERP or want to use any other e-invoicing product available in the market.

How does MIS dashboard on Clear IRP help?

The MIS dashboard which is available on Clear IRP Premium, allows users to view summarised reports of all documents, their current status, day-wise breakdown and more.

I am using more than one IRP for IRN generation. Can I view e-invoices generated on all IRPs on Clear IRP?

Note that only the invoices passing through one IRP will be visible through a particular IRP. The universal set of invoices won’t be visible to all IRPs. Accordingly, you cannot view e-invoices generated on other IRPs on ClearTax IRP.

What are the details needed for the e-invoice portal registration as a first-time user?

You need the applicant’s name, trade name, address, city, pin code, state, email ID, mobile number, and GSTIN.

I already have e-way bill API credentials. Should I create a new one for Clear IRP?

Yes. You must create fresh credentials for accessing Clear IRP even if you already have e-way bill API credentials or NIC credentials.

Where can I find the API documentation for users?

You can find all the API documentation you need at the e-Invoice API Developer's Portal.