Fast & Reliable Invoice Registration

Minimal downtime and latency

Connects with major ERP & invoicing tools

24x7 expert support to ease your work

Seamless end-to-end e-Invoicing

Smooth and easy bulk upload of invoice data
Secure and reliable IRN generation
Quick EWB generation on the same platform
Easy bulk download and cancellation of IRNs
Easily manage multiple invoice formats
Storage of e-invoice data above 48 hours

Are you looking for robust value-added features that simplify e-invoicing at scale?

Generate IRN at scale

For businesses looking for seamless and efficient tools to generate e-invoices at scale

Enterprise grade e-invoicing

For corporates looking for reliable and scalable e-invoicing solutions for vendor/distributor ecosystem

API for integration

For solution providers looking for plug 'n play APIs that integrate with their existing e-invoicing products

Clear's e-invoice generation infrastructure is all you really need

What does Clear IRP do?

Why is Clear a #NationLeader in IRP?

Why is Clear a #NationLeader in IRP?

Clear IRP enables any GST registered company to upload all their B2B invoices to the GSTN-approved, Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) in an easy and quick manner. It generates and returns a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) for the digitally-signed e-invoice and a QR code to verify the same.

Clear IRP has been authorised by the Government of India to serve as IRP 4 – a private Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) and issue GSTN-approved Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN) to help businesses validate their e-invoices. IRNs generated by Clear IRP – like those generated by NIC – confirm the genuineness of the applicable invoices and Credit-Debit Notes (CDNs).

Clear IRP: Driving digital transformation for your business’ tax and finance needs.

Clear IRP - Authorised by GSTN

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I have an account on Clear e-Invoicing. Can I use Clear IRP with the same account?

No. You will have to create a new account on Clear IRP. Both Clear IRP and the Clear e-Invoicing solution will continue to co-exist as independent products of Clear. So, an account created on Clear e-Invoicing cannot be used on Clear IRP.

Who must create API credentials on the e-invoice registration portal?

API credentials are required for users who want to directly integrate with the IRP or set it up in the ERP or want to use any other e-invoicing product available in the market.

How does MIS dashboard on Clear IRP help?

The MIS dashboard which is available on Clear IRP Premium, allows users to view summarised reports of all documents, their current status, day-wise breakdown and more.

I am using more than one IRP for IRN generation. Can I view e-invoices generated on all IRPs on Clear IRP?

Note that only the invoices passing through one IRP will be visible through a particular IRP. The universal set of invoices won’t be visible to all IRPs. Accordingly, you cannot view e-invoices generated on other IRPs on ClearTax IRP.

What are the details needed for the e-invoice portal registration as a first-time user?

You need the applicant’s name, trade name, address, city, pin code, state, email ID, mobile number, and GSTIN.

I already have e-way bill API credentials. Should I create a new one for Clear IRP?

Yes. You must create fresh credentials for accessing Clear IRP even if you already have e-way bill API credentials or NIC credentials.

Where can I find the API documentation for users?

You can find all the API documentation you need at the e-Invoice API Developer's Portal.